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Jürgen Schwarz, Berlepschstr. 50, 14165 Berlin, Germany Phone +49-176-45833342
email: js at

I am looking forward to your musical suggestions, comments and ideas!


The only purpose of twentysound is to widen public awareness of the classical music of the 20th century, without any commercial interests. I am glad for everyone who also has this goal and am open for collaboration. The complete portfolio has been added "openly" to the music listings, i.e. can be broadcast by other stations, too. Donations of published CDs from the music industry or others, fitting into the twentysound portfolio, will be gladly accepted and played, and also presented on this website.

As has a foremostly German audience and as they register broadcasting rights with the German rights management corporation GEMA, they will limit or even block listeners from overseas, and possibly even from within Europe. Although we cannot change this, we would like to hear from you both if and if not you were able to listen to twentysound from abroad.

Our logo depicts the former combined heat and power station in Berlin-Lichterfelde hit by lightning - 20th century technology meeting the dynamics of nature.


neue musikzeitung nmz - an article (in German) about the small number of internet radios featuring modern classical music. twentysound was not mentioned - the article was written in October 2013, 3 months before we started to broadcast - but they published my comment which can be seen as my official public notice on the founding of twentysound. - "neue musik" also broadcasts via, but in contrast to twentysound with a program focussed more on progressive "Neue Musik".

ABC Classical - Classical music from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, in excellent quality. Gold standard, my favourite station.

Bayern 4 Klassik - the best FM based Classical radio station in Germany. In contrast to other culture oriented stations which also cover other cultural areas like literature or theatre, Bayern 4 Klassik concentrates on classical music and related areas.

Living Composers Project - a highly interesting project which compiles a worldwide list of contemporary composers. Twentysound covers only a small part of this incredible collection of composers.

Webber - my own web page content management system, used for this website. It is an open source application, but requires the commercial document database system "HCL Notes" as base environment.

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